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World Earth Day | Invest In Our Planet | SKIIM PARIS

We design every day for Earth Day 


While Earth Day is April 22nd, SKIIM is celebrating every day with our global promise to protect the planet. Every small change has a large impact, like choosing environmentally friendly clothing designed with consciousness at the core of everything we do. 

The theme of this year’s Earth Day is Invest In Our Planet. SKIIM is committed to making sustainable and responsible choices in materials, manufacturing and day-to-day business to ensure we’re always mindful of our impact on Mother Earth. 

We’re proud to honour Earth Day 2022 by sharing our SKIIM commitment to sustainability


sun leather dress yellow blond woman skiim sustainable field nature

Our global commitment to Earth Day


Sustainability - At the heart of everything we do. 


Kindness - Always practice honesty and transparency.

Intention - Sourcing materials from only the finest tanneries and factories in the world.


Innovation - Continually proving that sustainable fashion can still be luxurious.

Mindful Manufacturing Producing smaller production runs, less waste, no excess stock and a lower environmental impact. 


People - Committed to supporting our worker's rights while providing a living wage with good working conditions.


Accountability - Our materials are natural, 100% biodegradable and our leather and suede are byproducts of the food industry.


Recycling - Leather is a natural material that is 100% biodegradable and completely recyclable.


Inherit - We don't believe in fast fashion. SKIIM creates modern heirlooms to be passed down and enjoyed for generations. 


Sensibility - Committed to maintaining supply chain transparency, environmentally friendly fair trade, and garment longevity.


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What are you wearing for Earth Day?

SKIIM styles are effortless and seasonless—we want you to love and live in them for life. Shopping at SKIIM means shopping consciously, knowing that materials are ethically sourced and mindfully manufactured. Learn more about our brand ethos with the Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Fashion.