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Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Fashion

Since 2016, SKIIM Paris has been dedicated to creating sustainable fashion by focusing on modern and versatile leather pret-a-porter that can be effortlessly incorporated as an essential part of a woman's wardrobe.

Sustainable fashion has become more important in recent years and we consider it our responsibility to take into account the social and ecological impact of our actions and to shape our design and manufacturing processes to change the direction of the fashion world for the best.

Read on to learn more about sustainable fashion, why it’s important, and how to dress more sustainably. 



What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion refers to garments and accessories that are produced in an ecologically and socially responsible way. 

Every part of the process of making, selling, and wearing clothing matters in sustainable fashion. From paying workers fairly to ensuring the products last a long time and reducing the amount of waste produced, sustainable fashion encompasses consideration for people and the planet.


Why is sustainable fashion important?

To understand why sustainable fashion is so important, we first need to understand its counterpart - fast fashion. Fast fashion is any trendy, cheap clothing that is produced very rapidly in large quantities.

Sustainable fashion slows down the production line - focusing on higher quality products, fairly paid staff, and a more responsible buying chain - resulting in products that long outlive their faster counterparts and have a much lighter impact on the environment over time. 

Ultimately, sustainable fashion is important because of the much-needed positive impact it has on the planet and people involved in the manufacturing.


What are the key factors for sustainable fashion?

There are a number of different key elements that factor into sustainable fashion.

These include (but aren’t limited to):

- Ethical and fair trade labour practices
- A production process free of hazardous chemicals and pollutants
- High-quality, durable products
- Biodegradable/sustainable packaging



      What sustainable materials are found in clothing?

      Sustainable materials are ones made from natural sources and fibres or recycled materials that are responsibly procured and create as little waste as possible. 

      These materials can also include:

      - Responsibly produced leather - a natural material that boasts a good lifetime with proper care and the ability to biodegrade when done with. 
      - Wool - another natural material with the ability to be returned to the earth
      - Down - the downy feathers of birds such as geese and ducks which won’t harm the environment. 
      - Fastenings made from reclaimed and recycled materials. 


        How is sustainable fashion made?

        From farming to manufacturing, sustainable fashion is made in a way that tries to improve on every aspect of the garment making process.

        The materials used in sustainable fashion can include:

        - Organic materials
        - Natural materials
        - Materials that are a by-product of other industries such as the meat industry
        - Recycled materials
        However the materials used aren’t the only important detail in creating sustainable fashion. There are many different aspects that make sustainable fashion what it is.

        These include:

        - Responsible sourcing
        - Slower pace to manufacture new products
        - Fairly paid workers and safe working environments
        - Solid, durable garment construction that enables the piece to last for years


          How can you dress more sustainably?

          To dress in a way that is more environmentally conscious, there are a number of different things you can do:

          By investing in pieces from brands that consistently speak up about their stance on sustainability and eco-responsibility, you can help to make a positive change.

          Buy smarter. Making a conscious choice to invest in the very best quality you can afford and choosing timeless designs means that each piece in your wardrobe will be worn and treasured for a lifetime. Wardrobe staples such as our Ophelia jumpsuit and our Sienna mini skirt are prime examples and are able to be worn for years. 

          Wear your clothes for as long as possible. Our products are made to have a long lifetime and most sustainable brands are no different. However, even old fast fashion items can become more sustainable just by wearing them repeatedly and taking proper care of them to ensure longevity. 


          What makes SKIIM Sustainable?

          SKIIM’s raison d'etre is to empower the modern woman through bold, effortless and refined clothing with a conscience. 

          All of our leathers and furs are by-products of the meat industry. Additionally, no SKIIM materials are sourced from Brazil to help reduce Amazon deforestation.

          We work closely with a family-owned factory in Portugal for the construction of our garments. The workers are paid fairly and we can monitor their safe working conditions closely.

          Above all, we sell well made, stylish clothing that is designed to last. 



          Why choose SKIIM?

          We take a holistic approach to sustainability and are working to reduce our environmental impact across the business. Our design team is continually investigating new fabric options in order to keep pace with the best environmental practises. 

          To read more about our stance on sustainability, check out our Values page for everything you need to know.