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What makes SKIIM Paris sustainable?

  Sustainability is more than just skin deep. It goes beyond the finalised clothing item and should be found all the way down to the supply chain. From the farmers growing the cotton to the treatment of the animals used for their down, sustainability encourages fair treatment of the environment and people involved in the process.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case for many fashion brands claiming to be ‘responsible’ or ‘eco-friendly’ so what makes SKIIM Paris different? This is what makes us a sustainable fashion brand.

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What is the goal of sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion brands create clothing in a way that is as considerate and responsible as possible, reducing their environmental and social impact where they can. The ultimate goal is to create a system which works without leaving a negative footprint.

This can include a number of different factors such as encouraging permaculture crops, supporting farmers and garment workers by paying them fairly, or making sure materials are sourced transparently. Learn more about sustainability in fashion with our What is Sustainable Fashion? blog. 

What makes a fashion brand sustainable?

There are multiple things that companies can do in order to be considered a sustainable clothing brand. These can include:

  • Paying workers fairly
  • Having a transparent supply chain
  • Using materials that limit the brand’s reliance on virgin resources
  • Using alternatives to virgin materials such as by products of other industries or recycled materials
  • Reducing the carbon footprint where possible

One of the most important aspects of being considered a sustainable brand, however, is to ensure these fair and responsible actions are upheld throughout the entire supply chain, manufacturing, and selling of the clothing - otherwise you could be looking at a case of ‘greenwashing’ where the products are only eco-friendly on the surface.

Brands who are truly sustainable will be loud and proud about their practices. Read up on SKIIM Paris’ stance on sustainability to learn more about what we’re doing to uphold our ethos.


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How to dress more sustainably

Here are SKIIM Paris, we believe that dressing sustainably, doesn’t have to mean wearing scratchy hemp or relying on shades of brown (unless you want to). All of our leather is made from the byproducts of the meat industry, our cotton is certified organic, and our fastenings are recycled. Buying clothes made from more sustainable fabrics is a great way to level up your wardrobe.

Additionally, building and curating a capsule wardrobe of high-quality, long-lasting pieces can go a long way to making your wardrobe more sustainable. Pieces that are worn often and for a long time, have a smaller carbon footprint than clothing worn for only a year or so before being disposed of. We have all the information you need to learn how to build a capsule wardrobe.


For more information, and inspiration, have a browse through our top 5 Tips to Building a Sustainable Wardrobe and make sure you have a read through our sustainability hub, The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Fashion as well to learn more about what SKIIM are doing and how you can dress more sustainably and lower your environmental impact.