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What Sustainable Fabrics Are Used In Fashion?

There are many different types of materials and fabrics you can find in sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fabrics are either made from natural sources and fibres or recycled materials that are responsibly procured and create as little waste as possible. They are often produced using organic farming methods or are sourced as a by-product of another industry.

At SKIIM we use materials that are as conscientious as they are luxurious. Here are some of the eco-friendly fabrics you can find in our collections.



The longevity of leather is one of the most appealing aspects of this material - it can be passed down through generations, cared for, repaired, and restored over many years which makes it an extremely sustainable addition to your wardrobe.

To help limit the impact our leather has on the environment we adhere to a strict set of standards. Working closely with sustainable suppliers we source the highest quality leather and suede, responsibly reclaimed from the meat industry. A natural by-product, using these hides helps to reduce waste and avoids the need for non-biodegradable resources such as polyurethane, PVC or polyester found in most “vegan leather”.

Find out more about our stance on leather on our sustainable materials for clothing blog post.



Wool is another natural ethical fabric we use in some of our collections. It has long been accepted as an environmentally positive fibre choice and it has a number of benefits. It’s warmth and natural level of waterproofing makes it perfect for use in coats and jackets.

It’s a 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre that, if sourced mindfully, can support local farmers and their livelihoods. Not to mention that it is thermo-regulating, easy to care for, and can be repaired and enjoyed for years to come.

All wool we buy is sourced responsibly and verified by both the Woolmark Certification and The Responsible Wool Standard.



We use down in some of our coats and jackets. Down is made from the soft, fluffy feathers of birds such as ducks and geese and has been used for centuries to keep us warm. Down has the amazing ability to breathe unlike some synthetic materials.

The down we use in our coats and jackets is certified by the Responsible Down Standard body which is dedicated to ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have not been subjected to any unnecessary harm.


No detail is overlooked when it comes to our stance on sustainability. Even our buttons and zippers are made or sourced responsibly. 

Every piece from SKIIM Paris features zips and buttons that are reclaimed and recycled. Our buttons are made using recycled paper and our zips have been made using organic cotton tape. 


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