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Sustainable Spring Closet Cleaning | Eco-Friendly Closet Clean up | SKIIM PARIS

Three sustainable steps to clean your closet this spring

Spring is finally here. A time of expansion and renewal for ourselves and our wardrobes. As the days get longer and our hemlines get shorter, we’re inspired to refresh our homes for the start of a new season. 

The SKIIM team can help you sustainably spring-clean your closet using our strategy: repair, recycle and resell. Just follow these three steps. 


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  • Do a closet audit.
  • Start by taking everything out of your closet to evaluate what you need. If you haven’t worn it in the past two seasons, it’s time to say goodbye. If you’re unsure, wear it around the house for a couple of hours and assess how you feel. This will help you choose and reconnect with the pieces you love. 



  • Mend it, don’t end it. 

    A good tailor is every sustainable fashionista’s best friend. Make a mending pile to maximize the life of your favorite pieces, then show them some love by updating the fit or length, or altering a snag or seam. 



  • Fashion it forward.

    If you need a new home for your unwanted items, here are three sustainable options: resell, donate, or recycle. You’ll find lots of great resale websites and local second-hand shops, or you can see additional resources on our post for Global Recycling Day. 


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    Now you’ll be all set for the new season and stay more sustainable with future purchases. Afterall, clothing is meant to be modern heirlooms that get better with age. SKIIM styles are effortless and seasonless—we want you to love and live in them for life. Shopping at SKIIM means shopping consciously, knowing that materials are ethically sourced and mindfully manufactured. Learn more about our brand ethos with the Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Fashion.