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Global Recycling Day 2022

March 18th 2022, Global Recycling Day. Created in 2018 to help recognise, and celebrate, the importance that recycling plays in preserving the environment, it’s a day for us all to come together and put the planet first. What can we do for Global Recycling Day and how can we make our wardrobes more sustainable to ensure we minimise clothing waste? Here at SKIIM Paris, sustainable clothing is our specialty - here is how you can ensure your wardrobe is working towards a brighter future.

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How can clothes be recycled?

Recycling clothing can be done in a few different ways. You can recycle scraps of fabric at recycling centres where the materials get broken down and turned into other things. Alternatively you can donate clothes that are in good condition to charity shops and secondhand clothing stores where they can be sold on and loved by someone else. Finally, you can fix your clothes to help lengthen their lifecycles or upcycle clothes (turn them into something else such as quilts, throws or even cleaning cloths) in a multitude of ways. Another way to help your clothes be more sustainable is to have them tailored. This is an especially good option for clothing you’ve invested money into, changed weight, and don’t feel as though you got enough wear out of it. SKIIM clothing can be taken to a tailor to be taken in and adjusted and is designed to last you for years to come.


Sustainability is key

Making sure your clothing is made out of sustainable materials is also an important factor to making your wardrobe better for the environment. Sustainable clothing brands, such as SKIIM, should source their materials from responsible sources and are usually loud and proud about it. Most materials can be recycled in one way or another but you might want to start as you wish to go on and get your knowledge up to scratch with our “What Are Sustainable Fabrics?” blog post.

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How can we reduce clothes waste?

There are plenty of things you can do to reduce your clothing waste. Try to limit the amount of clothing you buy from fast fashion brands and wear what you have for as long as you can before discarding them. Invest in pieces from sustainable fashion brands that will become solid wardrobe staples and last you for years to come, and spend time repairing damaged clothes before resorting to throwing them away. For more information on how to reduce the amount of clothing waste, read through our Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Fashion.


Build a sustainable wardrobe

Although recycling your old clothing is a really great way to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle, the best way to make your clothes last longer and reduce their environmental impact is to build a sustainable wardrobe. By carefully curating a wardrobe made from responsibly sourced pieces, you can ensure the longevity of your garments as well as reduce your impact within the fast fashion industry. Check out our Top Tips to Building a Sustainable Wardrobe blog post to learn more.