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International Women's Day | Empowered Style

Black Leather Co-Ord Skirt Crop Top Long Sleeve Tie Front Skiim Paris SS22

At SKIIM Paris, our business is built around empowering women. We do this through inspiriting styles, conscious choices, and thoughtful craftsmanship, enabling our wearers to express themselves freely through guilt-free fashion. To us, we believe every day should be women’s day but for IWD 2022 our team look at the art of power dressing.


What is power dressing?

Power dressing about is about wearing what makes you feel strongest, whether that’s sharp tailoring, durable leathers, or delicate silks – it’s about wearing clothes you feel fantastic in and that compliment your mood and attitude and ultimately empower you.


The Ultimate Guide to Power Dressing

Below, we set out some of the key elements of power dressing.


Bold Silhouettes

Skiim Paris Charlotte Trench Coat Brown White Monochrome colour block jacket

When it comes to dressing for your mood, timeless colours and confident cuts have our vote. We’re thinking tailored trousers, sumptuous silks, and full-length jackets. Timeless, easy to style and versatile from season to season.


Comfort Matters

There is a myth, that stereotypical female power silhouettes are made from impractical or uncomfortable clothes – think overly tight corsets or waists so tight you can’t sit down. These outfits might look great in some instances, but we believe the most empowering outfits allow for movement and fluidity.


Power Accents

Skiim Edith Trouser Suit Look Checked Trouser Blue Leather Panel Wide Leg Trouser

Whilst we love a great suit or a statement leather trench, adding subtle accents can also elevate your, and more importantly your vibe. We’re thinking a neck scarf or bandana over a silk shirt, or the perfect monochrome bag.


Ethical Ensembles

We can’t overlook that whilst its important clothes look brilliant, they also need to feel great – yes, to touch but beyond that because they are thoughtful, responsible, conscious, and low-impact. Each SKIIM piece is made using natural fabrics – either by-product leather and suede, and organic fabrics. You can read more in our Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Fashion and can learn about our approach to sustainability here.    


How to power dress post-pandemic?

Let’s be honest, power dressing has had a little facelift in recent years. It is as much about practicality and comfort as head turning style. At SKIIM we aim to we aim to create versatile pieces that can be styled up or down – so whether you’re working from home or the board room you can feel fabulous toujours.  


Happy Women’s Day, Ladies!