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Five 2022 Fashion Trends that are here to stay

What does the future hold for the fashion industry in 2022? What textures, silhouettes and materials will flood the runways and infiltrate our wardrobes? Read on to see the 5 fashion trends that are here to stay for 2022.


Brands and shoppers will continue to buy and produce clothing that has had minimal impact on the environment. Making mindful purchases and finessing the concept of a capsule wardrobe plays a small part in reducing the impact of fast fashion. Sustainable fabric development is set to be a huge aim for many brands in 2022 - inventing and experimenting until they can find the longest lasting, and lowest impact materials to produce. Fabrics are being made from rose petal silk, cactus, pineapple, mango and mushroom leather. Read more about the fabrics we use at SKIIM here


The Colours of 2022

Let’s just say, the future is bright for 2022! The colours of SS22 include sunny shades of yellow including hues of marigold, lemon and amber. Warm shades of orange are also set to trend, lucky for us with our tan leathers which come in warm honey tones. Black and white will continue to take centre stage, perfect for diverse, capsule wardrobe combinations. 


Return of the classics

2022 Fashion Trends will see the return of some familiar fashion trends. Including some 90s throwbacks such as mini skirts, capes and sweater vests. Preppy combinations such as blazers and mini skirts are back on trend - you heard it here first!


Go Big or Go Home

Oversized outerwear is a trend here to stay for 2022. Blazers and Biker jackets are back, in all shapes and sizes. When is a leather jacket not a good idea?


A Twist on The Classics

The classics are back, but this time with a twist. Expect to see wardrobe staples re-imagined. 2022 will see twists on the timeless beige trench coat. Lucky for you we have multiple designs based on the classic trench coat including check, plaid and patent. We’re already ahead of the trend, this is why we designed our Classiques collection - as timeless style transcends trends.


Forget the trends, wearing SKIIM - you'll be on style for years to come in our classic, sustainable styles. Shop The Classiques and New In.