The Statement Piece: The Black Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket is a must-have for every fashionable woman. A high-quality leather jacket can be THE staple piece in every wardrobe. Not only is it highly versatile, it can transform entire outfits into powerful looks. Due to its multifaceted nature, black leather jackets can be paired with almost everything and can be worn all year round. This is why we at SKIIM recommend investing in good quality, so you own a long-lived, sustainable, eco-friendly piece of clothing.
 Having its origin in protective gear for men, a simple leather jacket has since become one of the most iconic fashion items. With the rising popularity of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the 1970s, it has become increasingly popular with women, too. Nowadays, it’s no longer only associated with Rock ‘n’ Roll culture, but has made its way into elegant high fashion, and hence why it is a key item in many wardrobes. 
As experts in sustainable and ethically sourced leather we at SKIIM frequently get questions about, styles, trends and leather care. Since we believe that a black leather jacket should be one of the top leather items every fashionable woman should own, we answered three of our customers’ key questions about it.
Caroline Sciamma-Massenet modelling a SKIIM black leather jacket and high-waisted trousers

Which jacket should I get? 

When it comes to deciding on the right black leather jacket for you, there are a few questions you should consider.

Which style/cut is right for me? 

We should first look at length to purchase? The classic black leather biker jacket is no longer the only option. Despite still enjoying high popularity, women’s fashion has evolved and so has our favourite wardrobe staple. Especially if you want to achieve a more elegant look, there are several other cuts and styles that you can consider as well. These could be a long coat-like jacket or a cropped, lighter one. You also have options when it comes to sleeve lengths and accessories. 
Juny Breeze wearing a SKIIM leather jacket in a Parisian park

What is the purpose of my leather jacket?

Is it supposed to serve as a coat or rather a trendy element to complete a spring/summer outfit? Most leather jackets are pretty versatile and can be worn all year round. However, some elements vary. If you consider getting a short-sleeved or cropped jacket, it might not work as a coat but rather to round off an outfit; a warm, thick jacket, on the other hand, probably won’t work with a summer dress. 
The choice can be quite overwhelming. This is why we have some recommendations: For the ideal spring look, we suggest a black leather trench coat. This piece will transform simple outfits into a super elegant look. Worn with chic ankle boots, the trench-coat-like leather jacket ties basic items together to create a cohesive ensemble. Bonus: it keeps you warm, even on rainy spring days.
Woman wearing a black leather trench coat

Is the quality of the leather really that important? 

The simple answer is yes, it is the most important aspect to consider when purchasing leather clothing. This is not only essential to guarantee a long lifespan; as empowered women, we have the opportunity, and certainly the responsibility, to make a real difference to the fashion industry by making ethical fashion choices. As with all other animal products, it has become increasingly important to choose a sustainable option. A staple piece like a black leather jacket, that could be central to any wardrobe, can be worn for decades and will certainly stay in trend. To challenge fast fashion, it is vital to purchase ethically. Before buying your jacket, ask yourself if you would prefer buying vegetable-tanned leathers used or purely chemically dyed ones? Real leather, faux leather or vegan leather? This way, you can make the most ethical decision for yourself.
As a brand, we at SKIIM fully commit to source the most sustainable, environmentally friendly leather. We constantly work on reducing the environmental impact across all areas of business and expect the same from our suppliers. 

How to best style my leather jacket? 

Another frequently asked question is how to best style a black leather jacket. The simple answer: the options are infinite. Of course, it can be worn throughout the year as a great transitional piece. To help our customers navigate through all the possible combinations, we’ve summed up a couple of timeless looks that you can adjust according to season and purpose:

Look 1: Work with contrast and pair an edgy jacket with a light and feminine dress 

One of our favourite looks, especially for spring, is a feminine dress, paired with a cool leather jacket. To finish this timeless look, combine the dress with casual trainers or black leather ankle boots
The greatest aspect about this looks is how versatile it is. You can wear a sporty shirt dress, a petite, rather elegant dress for evening events, a maxi dress or even a casual jumpsuit. In combination with a staple black leather jacket this is a fashionable look and should be part of every woman’s fashion repertoire. 
Leather jackets have a long life span and can be worn throughout the seasons. Simply get creative with shoes, accessories and, of course, different dresses, to achieve an extremely adaptable, elegant but cool look. 

Look two: Combine leather with leather 

Caroline Sciamma-Massenet wearing a leather jacket and leather trousers
Another great combination that we absolutely love for a rainy, gloomy day, is the combination of a chic leather jacket with a cashmere jumper and leather trousers. This outfit combines a few key pieces that we definitely recommend owning as bespoke wardrobe staples. Don’t be afraid to mix leather with leather – stick with one colour theme and add a few elegant pieces like a cashmere jumper and ankle boots to be guaranteed a timelessly trendy and elegant look. 

How to take care of my leather jacket? 

Lastly, many customers are concerned about how to take care of a leather jacket. Unlike other leather pieces, a simple black jacket is worn more frequently and has to withstand harsher conditions. Since a high-quality leather jacket can be a key part of your wardrobe for decades, it is important to take some precautions. No matter the cut, colour or style, in order to guarantee a long lifespan you might have to waterproof the jacket (if necessary) and remove small stains immediately with a gentle cleanser. Our experts here at SKIIM have summed up a few key tips in our blog post: How to clean leather to make it last a lifetime