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The best Christmas movies, as told by SKIIM.

When we’re not dressed in our festive best, with a flute of champagne dans le main, rocking around the Christmas tree, you’ll probably find us curled up in our cosy Gaby Joggers and a chunky knit in front of our favourite festive films, but what are the best Christmas films? Well, here are our favourites… comment with your recommendations – we love a movie marathon!

1. The Grinch

Skiim Christmas Movie marathon; The Grinch

A favourite festive fantasy and a reminder that you attract what you put out. This sad, lonely grinch is taught a valuable lesson by little Cindy Lou, and the magic of Christmas is forever restored.


2. Home Alone

Skiim Christmas Movie marathon; Home Alone

Forgotten at home whilst his family head away for Christmas, Macaulay Culkin has the ultimate adventure and one we are all taken on with him time and time again.


3. The Holiday

Skiim Christmas Movie marathon; The Holiday

Just the ultimate Christmas love story. Where two worlds meet and four lives collide. We also love Cameron Diaz’s incredible wardrobe!


4. Love Actually

Skiim Christmas Movie marathon; Love Actually

Hilarious and heart-warming – it wouldn’t be Christmas without Love Actually memes doing the rounds and we always kick off the festive season with this much-loved movie.


5. Miracle on 34th Street

Skiim Christmas Movie marathon; Miracle on 34th Street

'They say that seeing is believing, but really the world is held together by things you can’t see.’ A festive staple, Kris Kringle is the epitome of exactly what Christmas is all about; belief, hope and kindness.


6. Little Women

Skiim Christmas Movie marathon; Little Women 2019

The 2019 adaptation of this old classic is set to become an annual staple in our homes. A wonderful story that reminds us that nothing matters more than family. One to watch with tissues nearby, you will cry tears of sadness and joy!


7. It’s A Wonderful Life

Skiim Christmas Movie marathon; It's a wonderful life

Nothing says Christmas like a classic black and white film. Frank Capra's 1946 fantasy is a heart-warming favourite.