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Great design starts with the fabric.

This spring’s Stealing Beauty collection welcomes summer with lightness and a touch of glitter. Simple from afar, each piece reveals fine and flirtatious details and is of course environmentally friendly.

clouds blue sky crop top sand beige fabric organic cotton leather high waist trouser womenswear skiim paris 

All of our SKIIM materials are responsibly sourced. Our organic cotton is sustainably grown and cultivated using low-impact processing methods and woven from premium-grade, extra-long-staple cotton. You won’t find any GMOs, pesticides or chemical fertilizers in, on or anywhere near our organic cotton seeds. That ensures safety even if the by-products were to ever make their way into our diets. 

We treat water as a critical resource and are active advocates for water conservation. Our cotton is made with 80% rainwater, generating a significant 88% water use reduction and 62% energy reduction. 

womenswear oversized denim organic cotton shirt skiim paris

We know how much the fashion industry causes environmental damage, and we want you to feel good in your SKIIM. Our goal is to decrease the negative impact of textile production as much as we can.

 Shop our SS22 collection now or read more about our SKIIM value and sustainably pact here.