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SKIIM In The City: Paris With Caroline Sciamma-Massenet


I’m Caroline, a Parisian, and founder of SKIIM Paris. Now a Londoner living in Notting Hill, I am still oh-so-French at heart; Paris is my own little paradise, full of culture, chicness, food and shopping. 

This is my SKIIM In The City guide, sharing with you my favourite places to go in Paris.

To Feel Like a Parisian:

I love going for a drink at 'La Palette' in St Germain after strolling the shops and galleries around there. Walking the streets of Paris you are able to breath in the culture and richness of the architecture, observing as it evolves from one area to another. 

Montmartre is another favourite spot; with fantastic vintage shops, and in between, all the neighbours and retailers talking in the streets, having their morning coffee together, or sharing an evening drink at a bistro after a day’s work. It transports me to the old days, as if time has stopped.
La Palette

To Drink:
For a morning coffee, go to any neighbourhood bar. Ask for a croissant and cappuccino, get to know your neighbours and meet the same people everyday.
Alternatively, go to 'Angelina' for a hot chocolate, it is the best in the world and the first place I went when I returned to Paris after living in New York for eight years! 'Rose Bakery' also does great gluten free cakes.

Cafés are fantastic in Paris, I think they are some the most beautiful and charming in the world! ‘Le Progres’ in Le Marais is a good tip.

In the evening, I love going to 'The Ritz' for smart occasions, it is so chic. Otherwise, exploring Place Vendome is beautiful at night.
Caroline in the Julia Woven Skirt

To Eat:
A brasserie lunch at ‘Le Petit Lutetia’ in St Germain is wonderful. Alternatively, another traditional French bistro is Le Voltaire’ next to the Seine. Totally charming and known for its chocolate mousse!

Paris is also a place to try international cuisine. Grab a light lunch or takeaway whilst wondering the 'Les Enfants Rouges' covered market. You can find the best quality Asian and Middle Eastern stalls there, as well as all the Parisan creatives hanging out.

'Bambou' in the 2nd is also great for Asian food, the owners are gorgeous. 
Similarly, I love 'Cibus', a tiny Italian restaurant where the usual clients go, from writers, artists, to anyone who enjoys the best Italian food. The owners are also divine; it is important to me to create relationships with all these people so it feels like I am eating with family at home.

Other places to go at night include Costes’. It is such a scene, your eyes will light up with all the great people watching. It is cosy though too, the cod is my favourite dish on the menu! ‘Caviar Kaspia’ is also great to go to. I love going in Fashion Week, it is a Fashionista scene!

'Loulou’s' is also fun at night in the summer, overlooking the Louvres Pyramid.
After dinner, head to 'Raspoutine' for a late night dance. It is small and chichi, with beautiful people. It is where I had my first kiss with my husband playing the jumbo!
Caroline in the Lucy skirt at Caviar Kaspia

To Explore:

If you like to cook, you should definitely go to the fresh markets that happen throughout the city daily. The ‘Marche des Batignolles’ was local to where I used to live; just breathing makes you want to buy everything, from cheese, roasted chicken with potatoes to fresh baguettes, vegetables and fruits.

On Sunday, my favourite activity is to go to ‘Le Marché Aux Puces De Saint-Ouen’. It is a vintage furniture market where I have bought so many of my favourite pieces for my houses in Italy and London. Go to ‘La Serpette’ for a more contemporary and mid-century era.

If you are with children, my favourite fun park is Le Jardin d’Acclimatation’. It is recently renovated with animals, shows and rides. It is lots of fun.

Galleries like ‘Carpenters Workshop Gallery’ are amazing places to absorb culture and references. As are the ‘Musée National Picasso-Paris’ and the ‘Louis Vuitton Foundation. They are constantly curating amazing installations.

To Shop:

My favourites shop to buy clothes is ‘Montaigne Market’, where SKIIM is stocked, of course! They have a lot of good designers as well as emerging ones.

I also love ‘Nat Z’ in the 16th. It is a small boutique full of young designers. Of course, ‘Galleries Lafayette’ has a great selection of products, gifts and designers. As does ‘Le Bon Marche’ and ‘La Grande Epicerie’ where you can buy lots of great food products as well as regular designer pop-ups.

For more vintage looks, I love heading to Rue Étienne Marcel, to 'Kiliwatch Paris'.
Montaigne Market

What to Wear: 

I never feel more at home, chic and confident, than when I am wearing my SKIIM Paris pieces around the city. Of course I love wearing all the pieces, but I here am giving you my best tips!

When going for dinner, the Lucy skirt, with its high-waisted cut makes me feel sexy but sophisticated. It defines the waist and shows a bit of a leg with the slits. I love wearing it with either blouse or a t-shirt, tuck it in for extra definition.

Alternatively, the Natalie trouser, one of our best sellers, in white, black or even patent, will attract a LOT of sexy compliments!

On a Sunday, I love wearing my Gaby jogger, which is super relaxed but not too understated, as it has buckles around your ankles and an elastic waist band. It is very sporty chichi for the day, and perfect with heels at night.
Caroline in the Natalie Pant

I should write my life in Paris in a few different parts as there is just too much to tell… perhaps there will be more installations to come!
We would love you to share with us your favourite Paris treasures,
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Bisous, Caroline