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Off-Grid - Tartan, check, plaid, houndstooth | A guide to dressing for AW21

Autumn’s arrival can be a little bitter-sweet. Trading in long, warm days for fresh, cold ones, reluctantly at first. However the familiar woolen checks of winter are something we get excited about time and time again. We’re delighted to see some of our all-time favourite prints being used widely for AW21, with fun and fabulous updates. 

These classic prints have been gracing magazine pages, movie screens and music stages for decades; Clueless, Gossip Girl, Blondie...the list goes on. From punk rockers to princesses and school girls, plaid and checks offer something for everyone - not to be disregarded… They are truly timeless. 

Our own collection features favourite tartan, plaid and houndstooth designs. We take a look at how to dress stylishly for the season ahead.  

Punk Style Revisited

A trend that always makes a resurgence from the archives - punk fashion is all about rebellious dressing. Opt for unexpected combinations, keep your jeans skinny and your jackets oversized. The leather jacket is at the heart of this look, invest in a great one and it will become your second skin that will carry you from your morning meetings to a night out. 

Traditional Tartans

Brown Beige Tartan trench coat contemporary plaid fashion traditional red green check

Whilst the origins of this print might date back to the Scottish highlands, this fashion trend travels far and wide. Wearing tartan is a sure-fire way to stand out in a crowd and make a statement. Join the tartan army and go all out and wear head-to-toe tartan by wearing an oversized tartan coat, or add a touch of tartan and pair it with cosy knits or a leather skirt to keep it modern.

Back to School, all in check

Tartan check suit power dressing uniform

From the days of learning to tie our shoes, to the days of rolling our skirts, plaid and tartan seemed to be there through many moments throughout childhood and adolescence, and it deserves a place in your wardrobe in adulthood too. From school run to coffee run, and everything in between, layer an oversize tartan trench over workwear, loungewear or your everyday basics. 

Monochrome Moments

contemporary black and white Houndstooth short sleeve dress

It doesn’t get more timeless than black and white fashion - endlessly chic, from season to season. Houndstooth has our vote for AW21… we’re thinking Princess Diana circa 1987. Paired with simple skinny trousers, wide leg trousers or a flirty slit skirt for an effortlessly elevated look. 

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