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The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Beret

The beret, an iconic parisian accessory - this versatile hat has been around since the 1800’s. It wasn’t until the 20th century, when Coco Chanel and then many other muses wore one, that this humble piece of headwear was propelled into the fashion world and runway shows. 



Why is the Beret the most popular fashion accessory to date?

Bad hair day, no problem. Reach for the beret and it will instantly make you look more refined. Feeling the chill? Berets are also great for keeping your head warm in the colder months. A wardrobe staple you can call on if you want to elevate your look. It is a great accessory to wear with transitional outfits throughout the year.




How to style a beret?


Go full-french by wearing your beret with a pair of tapered trousers and a trench coat. Add an edge to this look with chunky boots or leather trousers.




Wearing frills and florals? Step this way with your beret.



Be bold and make the beret the hero of your outfit. Whether you go for a bright colour such as red or gold. Or choose a bold finish such as a patent or leather you will show everyone who’s boss. SKIIM's leather berets has been sustainably sourced using materials that would otherwise go to waste, giving you even more reasons to smile.  



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