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How To Dress In Hot Weather: The SKIIM Way

Whether you are on holiday on the shores of Ibiza or coping in the urban heat, we always believe you should never have to compromise on style during the hot summer months. That is why we are sharing SKIIM's seven top tips to stay cool this summer!

1. Wear Cotton to Keep Cool

Cotton is breathable and will keep you feeling easy and breezy in the hot sun. Due to how lightweight it is, you can also cover up with it, meaning no burns and young, fresh skin! Check out our cotton shirts here.

The Aurore White Shirt

The Aurore White Organic Cotton Shirt

2. Say Yes To Short Sleeves

Short sleeved t-shirts are a SKIIM go-to in the summer months - casual and chic!

3. Wear A Dress

Floaty and short dresses are both stylish and cool. We love off-the shoulder dresses, and short dresses at this time of year. Check some of our favourites out here.

Salma SKIIM dress

The Salma Cotton Dress

4. Laidback Linens

Like cotton, linen is the perfect material to make sure you stay sweat-free in the sun. It is lightweight and natural, keeping you cool, calm and collected.

5. Dress in Cool Colours

Wearing colours that don't absorb the heat is key to keeping a cool aurora around you. We love sand and golden colours, as well as crisp white.

White jacket and shorts

The Coco Shirt Jacket and Madelaine Shorts

6. Wear Shorts & Skirts

Trousers can get hot, hot, hot! Wear shorts and skirts this summer to stay chic!

7. Opt For A Hat

A hat can save you from overheating in the sun, whilst adding that extra stylish flair to your outfit. Rent our favourite SKIIM hat here for your next holiday!


Kiara Hat For Rent