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How To Clean Cashmere

Cashmere is one of the most luxurious materials on the planet, and as always at SKIIM, we are big fans of looking after the wonderful natural materials that our ladies designer garments are crafted out of. So, if you are wondering how to ethically wash your pure cashmere sweaters to make them last for years to come, then follow our step by step guide and video below!

Deborah Brett in the SKIIM Paris women's Hero cashmere ethical sweater with leather cuffs

Can you wash cashmere?

Oui! Although we recommend only washing your cashmere garments when you really need to wash them. Many of us are in the habit of washing our clothes often, sometimes after every wear. This is definitely not necessary and is not good for the planet! By washing them less often, they keep their shape and colour far better, too, ensuring you will love them for years to come.

What is the most sustainable way to wash cashmere?

Although the dry cleaners are really good at getting those tough stains out, they are also on the most part not good for the environment. Unless they are an eco dry cleaners, they often use harsh chemicals and lots of water. Hand washing your clothes at home is a far better and cleaner alternative. You also have lots of control over what you are doing and with our simple steps, you'll get the hang of it in no time!

How to hand wash your cashmere jumper at home

Choose the right detergent

We suggest using an organic shampoo to wash your cashmere sweaters and garments because like your hair, cashmere is a delicate and sensitive fibre that needs moisturising and looking after.

Soak it in a sink, bucket or tub

Choose somewhere suitable and clean to wash your cashmere jumper and clothes, filling it with cold to lukewarm water. Add a small amount of detergent or shampoo and emerge the cashmere jumpers into the water. Press them down so that they absorb all the soapy water. Make sure not to twist or pull the cashmere as it will stretch it!

Drain the water and rinse the soap out

Make sure that you get all of the soapy water out of the garment by rinsing it, otherwise it won't dry properly.

Squeeze out any excess water

Again, don't twist or pull the cashmere. Rather, squeeze and press down on it to wring out as much water as you can. 

Lay the garment out on a dry towel

It is really important to not hang up your cashmere otherwise it will stretch! Instead, lay it out on a dry towel until the bottom side is dry. To complete the drying process, use another dry towel and repeat it on the other side. Over night should do it!

And Voila! Your cashmere should be as good as new! Just make sure that you store it properly...

How to store your cashmere to make it last

  • Make sure that you keep it away from moths - you can do this by storing it in a sealed container in the summer when you aren't wearing it
  • Don't hang it up, rather fold it so it doesn't stretch

Girl wearing the skiim Paris roe knit in black

If you still have questions, or are wondering how to wash our SKIIM Hero Cashmere Jumper, then watch the below video, with our Founder, Caroline!

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Video Transcript:

Hey Guys, I am Caroline the founder of SKIIM, and today we are going to talk about how to clean your cashmere!

So it is a beautiful cashmere from Mongolia, but we added a little twist to it, in leather.

How do we clean it?

I wouldn't suggest to not wash it very often to be honest because cashmere is like hair. What I suggest is you have a shampoo, organic shampoo. This is the best for your cashmere.

What do you need is two towels, one for one side then once the one side is quite dry you turn it to the other one. Gloves, two little plastics (recycled plastic which I keep from my factory), two elastic hair bands. Why? Because it is to protect the leather if I do the hand wash. So, let's do that - cover and protect your leather and add the elastic quite tight around each. 

Gloves on.

So either you use a bucket or in the sink. I am doing it in the sink because it is much easier for me. So I am just going some water - cold water, not warm. Two pumps of the organic shampoo, one, two! I am going to put my super cashmere into the water with my shampoo. I am going to really put the whole thing inside.

I just pressed it like this so the product got into the hair, into the fibre. So you see the plastic is really protecting the leather so it doesn't get damaged or doesn't transfer onto the cashmere.


I am going to rinse it with cold water, not too strong, to get rid of all the foam and all the shampoo. Now that I have washed all of my cashmere I am going to get the excess of the water out by pressing it, not twisting it, pressing it. So now I am going to take the elastics out. So you see my leather is completely dry and the colour didn't transfer onto the cashmere. Now I am going to lay it flat on my floor with the towel. I would say I would keep it over the night like this or a few hours and then you will turn it the other way on another towel.