A Lesson in Layering

During the winter months, and right up until Spring - layering should be your best friend. Many imagine layering clothing will result in bulky and constraining outfits, however when done well, you can dress appropriately for the changing temperatures, maximise the potential of your wardrobe and look stylish and polished. Read on for our tips on how best to layer clothing.


Assess your Options

Layering clothing is a very intentional way of dressing - it requires some pre-planning. Start by auditing your wardrobe and working out what pieces could be comfortably worn together and still look great. Opt for thin layers underneath and thick when it comes to outerwear which can be easily removed. Once you have worked out your new layering combinations it will reinvigorate your wardrobe and increase the wearability and therefore the lifespan of your clothes, resulting in a more sustainable wardrobe.


Back to Basics

Having a great capsule wardrobe of versatile pieces that will allow you to mix and match in multiple different looks will set you up well for layering your clothing. For more advice on this, read our blog on how to create a capsule wardrobe. Layering allows you to make the most out of your wardrobe.  


Finishing Touches

As with all outfits, accessories can transform a look into something more special. Simple knitwear can be elevated with a selection of chain necklaces. If there’s a real chill in the air, wear a hat and scarf to add warmth and interest. If you do feel your look could do with a more shape, use a belt to cinch in your layers to define your silhouette. Lastly, kneehigh or ankle boots are a great way to keep your ankles from the cold whilst adding an edge.


Our Go-To Layering Heroes

Layering is the secret to an effortlessly elegant wardrobe. We find ourselves returning to some classic combinations to keep us warm and stylish. Cashmere vests are a great option to wear over a thinner knitted jumper or over a silk shirt. Blazers are another versatile item which are great for layering in colder months. Don’t be afraid to double up on outerwear and wear your blazer underneath your trench coat for example. A blazer can also effortlessly dress up a casual look of leggings and a hoodie on the weekends. You can rely on leather separates such as a shirt, trousers, jacket or coat for when it is really cold as they are great for warmth.


Build your wardrobe of timeless and great quality wardrobe components and you will have a great foundation for layering your clothing in the chillier months. It will be even more rewarding when you know each item has been sustainably made, shop our knitwear, coats & jackets and tops.